Terms & Conditions of Booking


1. Who your agreement is with. When you book your holiday, your agreement will be with Ilfracombe Holiday Park.  See bottom of page for further details.

2. The agreement. There will be a contract between you and Ilfracombe Holiday Park, when we accept your first payment (if you are booking by phone), or when the agent confirms your booking or, when your booking is confirmed (if you book online). These terms are part of your contract with us. The person making the booking accepts the contract on behalf of all members of your party and is responsible for making sure they accept the contract. We can’t accept bookings from anyone under the age of 18.

3. Making your booking.  All bookings depend on the property and other arrangements being available. You, as the person in charge of the party (the “party leader”) must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking. All other members of the party must authorise you to make the booking based on these booking conditions. By making the booking, you confirm that you are authorised to make the booking and that all other members of the party agree that the booking will be governed by these booking conditions. You, as the party leader, are responsible for making all payments due to us.  Group bookings: The organiser or leader of a group booking is responsible for identifying the booking as such and for providing the party details. Should you arrive at your property in a group without notifying us of the required details we have the right to refuse to hand over the property to you without a refund or compensation. You will receive written confirmation of your booking as son as reasonably possible.  This confirmation will show your booking details, the amount you have paid and the amount you still owe for the booking.  As soon as you receive your confirmation, you must check the details carefully. If anything is not correct, you should tell us immediately otherwise we cannot help or accept responsibility.  Even if we have sent a written confirmation, we on behalf of the owner or service provider, have the right to cancel a booking where there are reasonable grounds to believe that (i) it is not legitimate (ii) you are likely to breach any of our booking conditions (iii) information supplied by you in relation to your booking is incorrect. If we cancel your booking, we will tell you in writing and we will not have any legal responsibility to you.

4. Paying for your holiday. When you book your holiday, you will need to pay a deposit of £50 per unit per week, the balance of payment must be paid 8 weeks prior to your holiday start date. Once this has been done a completed confirmation with travel directions will be sent via e mail. If you book your holiday less than 8 weeks before the start date you must pay the full amount of the holiday at the time of booking.

5. Pricing.  We keep our prices under constant review and the prices of unsold units may be increased or reduced at any time. We may also correct mistakes in the pricing of unsold units at any time. We will confirm the price of your booking when you make it. As changes and mistakes can happen, you must check the price and all other details of your chosen arrangements at the time of booking. All prices quoted or otherwise given to you include all charges and any taxes or government charges which may apply to your booking at the time it is made. You may be required to pay any additional taxes that arise after your booking has been confirmed.

6. Brochure and website details. We aim to make sure that the information provided is presented accurately on our website, in brochures and other promotional literature or material we produce and provide. It is intended to present a general idea of the arrangements. Not all details of the relevant facilities can be included in our brochure or on our website. Furthermore, there may be small differences between the actual property/arrangements and its description. This is usually because we are always aiming to improve services and facilities.  Occasionally, problems mean that some facilities or services are not available or may be restricted. If this happens, we will tell you as soon as reasonably practical after we become aware of the situation. We cannot accept responsibility if some facilities or services are not available or restricted, nor can we accept responsibility for any changes or closures to local services or attractions mentioned in the brochure or on our website, by our advisers or advertised elsewhere.  We make reasonable efforts to make sure that information we give you about your property and its facilities or services, as well as advertised travel and other services, is accurate and complete on the date given.  Distances and sizes are provided as useful guides. Certain items in photos (soft furnishings etc) are subject to change and may not always be exactly as shown. Please check specific concerns with us before booking. Where Wi-Fi is an advertised facility, please note that its provision is subject to availability and network conditions. It may not be available 24 hours a day and is provided for pleasure not for business. Bookings are not accepted if they are wholly reliant on the uninterrupted, unlimited provision of Wi-Fi. Download limits may apply, please check when booking.

7. Changes to your booking. Once there is a contract you can’t transfer or change your booking without our agreement. If you want to make small changes (e.g. type of accommodation or party members) we will try to help. There will be an administration cost of £20. If you wish to change the dates any price difference will be payable plus the above administration charge.  We can only change the dates to another holiday within that season.

8. Cancelling your booking.  If for any reason you need to cancel your holiday, we would require this in writing to the address printed below or email  reservations@ilfracombe-park.co.uk  Cancellation charges will be based on the number of days before the arrival date as shown below.  The first £50 per unit is non-refundable, if you must cancel your holiday within the week of your arrival date no refund will be offered.

Number of days before the start of your holiday

Cancellation charge (plus all booking fees and administration fees you owe)

More than 56

Full deposit (including any balance of deposit due

43 – 56 days

50% of the total cost or full deposit (including any balance of deposit due) whichever is greater

29 – 42 days

75% of total cost

8 – 28 days

90% of total cost

7 days or less

Total cost

9. Paying for your holiday. When you book your holiday, you will need to pay a deposit of £50 per unit per week, the balance of payment must be paid 8 weeks prior to your holiday start date. Once this has been done a completed confirmation with travel directions will be sent via e mail. If you book your holiday less than 8 weeks before the start date you must pay the full amount of the holiday at the time of booking.

10. Special offers. To claim any special offers, discounts, promotional codes etc. please tell us when you book. If you don’t, we’re sorry we can’t honour these. All discounts, special offers etc. are subject to availability.

11. VISOR. We do not accept bookings from or allow anyone to stay on a holiday park who is listed on the Violent and Sex Offenders Register (or any register which supersedes this). By making a booking, you are confirming that no one in your party is on this Register. If, however it does come to our attention that someone is on the register then we have the right to refuse this booking.

12.  Numbers in your party. The total number in your party (including children and babies) must not exceed the maximum capacity of the holiday home.  We may refuse holiday bookings for single occupancy.

13. Single sex parties. If you wish to book a single sex party, you must tell us of this. There may be restrictions on bookings from all male or all female parties, we have the right to refuse these bookings. Please check when you make your booking.

14. Group bookings. We do allow group bookings, however you must contact the park prior to booking, only one group booking at a time, for any enquiries please email  reservations@ilfracombe-park.co.uk. Family and friends who live at the same address or know each other or who travel together will be considered as making a group booking even if they have made separate bookings. We will supply you with a contract that must be signed by the organiser and us at Ilfracombe Holiday Park. We may require the lead booker to provide a deposit as security in the event of any damage by any member of the group.

15. Arrival and departure times. Arrival time is from 3pm for verity plus everything else from 4pm, please inform us if you are planning on arriving late. We ask that no one arrives later than 11pm. Departure must be by 10am, unless prior arrangements have been made, and for special circumstances, we have the right to charge a fee for late departures.

16. Children. All children must be supervised by parents or guardians throughout the holiday. Where we have children’s clubs, special programmes of events and other facilities for children, these are not childcare facilities and children always remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians. Please make sure you always know where your children are.

17. Guests with additional needs and requirements. We welcome guests with additional needs and requirements, we have accommodations with wet rooms and ramp access, this must be requested at the time of booking. We will do our best to accommodate any of your requirements, but can’t guarantee this, if we are not informed of any requests, we can’t be held responsible

18. No smoking.  Smoking and the use of E-cigarettes is not allowed in any of our accommodation or venues.  If you do smoke in your accommodation, there will be a charge of £50 to cover the cost of deep cleaning. It is against the law to smoke in buildings open to the public. E-cigarettes are not permitted in our facilities.

19. Pets. We allow dogs on our park in certain accommodations, however, this must be added at the time of your booking, there will be a charge of £40 per dog per unit and a maximum two dogs. For other pets this must be checked with us at the time of booking.  There is no charge for assistant dogs, we ask that dogs are always kept on a lead, and that you clean up after your dog. No dogs in the venue except assistant dogs. Pets must not be left unattended in the accommodation and must not be allowed on bedding or seating. If your pet is causing a nuisance or damage you will be asked to leave the park right away. However, if you bring a pet into an accommodation that isn’t a pet unit you will be charged £50 for a full clean. Some breeds of dog, including those listed in the Dangerous Dog Act are not allowed so check with us when you book.

20. Use of your holiday home. At the end of your holiday please leave everything in a clean and tidy condition. You may be required to pay for any damage you cause to your holiday home during your stay. We have the right to enter your accommodation for maintenance purposes or in special circumstances and in emergencies.

21. Your personal possessions. You are responsible for your personal possessions on park and in your holiday home and we aren’t responsible for any loss or damage to these.

22. Cot and high chairs.  Travel cots and high chairs can be hired from reception (subject to availability) at a small charge; however, these must be added at the time of booking, cots can only be accommodated in living room only. We do not supply cot linen.

23. Bed linen.  Bed linen is provided for each bed in the accommodation, except for cots. We only guarantee beds are made up in Verity or Verity plus accommodations.  We do not supply towels or tea towels.

24. Facilities. For health and safety reasons some of our facilities have age and/or height restrictions. Children under the age of 8 must always be supervised by an adult in the swimming pool and one adult may not supervise more than two children. If facilities must close (e.g. for health and safety, maintenance or reasons beyond our control) we are not liable to compensate you if we do so.

25. Entertainment. Club passes are required to use the facilities on park. There may be a charge for passes for bookings made via some promotions.  We may have to withdraw or change entertainment or close facilities and we are not liable to you if we must do so. It is against the law to smoke in buildings open to the public and we provide outdoor smoking areas. E-cigarettes are not permitted in our facilities.  You are not permitted to bring your own alcohol or other food/drinks into the entertainment complex, bar or restaurants. Lighting and flash photography may be used during some of our entertainment.

26. Gambling restrictions. If any member of the booking has self-excluded themselves from any other gambling premises, they must highlight this to the Park Management on arrival. We cannot accept any liability for any losses incurred where a guest has self-excluded themselves from another gambling establishment and gambled on the park. 

27. Cars and other vehicles. It is not allocated parking; all vehicles are left at your own risk and we are not responsible for loss or damage.  Please comply with speed limits, parking and traffic regulations on park.  Please note we do not currently have a facility to charge hybrid cars. You are not permitted to charge your car using the holiday home electricity. Quad bikes, segways, hover boards and similar, pickup and any commercial or working vehicles including large vans aren’t allowed on park. Please note we do not currently have a facility to charge hybrid cars. You are not permitted to charge your car using the holiday home electricity.

28. Behaviour on park. Our parks are family holiday parks so please ensure your behaviour is appropriate and not noisy, offensive or likely to cause any harm or upset to other guests, staff or property at the holiday park. If we feel your behaviour is illegal, offensive, disruptive or inappropriate or is disturbing other guests we will ask you to leave the holiday park and no refund will be given.

29. The holiday Park. Our park is in a rural location so there may be areas of uneven ground, unmade paths and limited lighting. Please take special care to avoid accidents. Please supervise children appropriately.

30. If you have a problem. We try to ensure that your holiday is enjoyable, however sometimes things may go wrong. If this happens please inform reception and we will try to put things right. If we can’t then you can leave the park and request a refund for the rest of your holiday, if you decide to stay and not give us the chance to put things right will not be entitled a refund.  If anything is not sorted out during your stay, please contact our team by email reservations@ilfracombe-park.co.uk or write to the team (our address is at the bottom of the page) no later than 14 days after the end of your holiday. 

31. Filming & Photography.  We sometimes have TV and other companies filming or taking photographs on park. We will do all we can to ensure you are not disturbed by this. We can’t accept any responsibility or offer any financial award if you do appear in films or photographs. No photography is allowed in swimming pool areas. The use of drones is not permitted at any holiday park.

32. Cancellation by us. Very occasionally, we may have to cancel your booking. If we have to do so we will tell you as soon as possible and you can choose either to have a full refund, or accept any alternative arrangements offered to you, or book another holiday with us at the current price. We will have no further liability to you for this.

33. Our liability to you. We are responsible for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of our negligence or wilful default, but otherwise are not liable to you for any loss or damage you suffer. Our liability to you is limited to the cost of your holiday.  We don’t operate the local attractions which are not on the park or act as an agent for these, and so we are not liable for any damage or loss you may suffer when buying tickets or visiting the attraction. Your statutory rights are not affected by anything in these terms and conditions.

34. Your information. The information you give us in connection with your booking is held by Ilfracombe Holiday Park (as a data controller) in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (as applicable). We use this information to help us to provide and improve our service to you and to provide you with information about our holidays. Where you make an enquiry or purchase with us, we will process your data for marketing purposes. If you do not want us to send marketing information about our holidays, please contact us using the telephone number or address below. Alternatively, you can email us at reservations@ilfracombe-park.co.uk. We use CCTV cameras at our holiday park for crime prevention and safety reasons and telephone calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes. You should ensure other members in your party know about the information you provide and how we use it and agree to it.

35. How to contact us. If you need to contact us please call us on 01271 411001 or email reservations@ilfracombe-park.co.uk, or via post to Ilfracombe Holiday Park, Marlborough Road, Ilfracombe, Devon EX34 8PF